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The Continual Customer ™ Coming Soon:
“Get As Many Customers As You Can Handle”
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A proven system on how you can get profitable repeat customers in just 4 hours a week!

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Continual Customer Book


Learn Why Almost All Marketing Today Is Merely Chicken Chasing


Today, most marketing being done and pushed by the Marketing and Ad Agencies, as well as Marketing Gurus is nothing more than continuously Chasing Chickens. Chickens being your clients. They have you chase them, catch them, and then let them go to only chase them again. We show you how to stop this nonsense once and for all.


Find Out Why These Major Brands
And More Use This Model


Learn why brands like Adobe, Microsoft, Costco, Sam’s Club, that you know and many more like The Spelt Store, MembershipPlatform, Transcription Club, and others that you may not have heard of that are using the Continual Customer Model. All while dominating their competition and adding more loyal customers with higher profit margins to their business.


Increase Your Profits by 257%


We will show you examples of how you can dramatically increase your per customer profits like no other marketing system you have come across before. Even if you don’t hit the 257% increase, wouldn’t you be happy with a 50% or 100% increase in profits.


Do This In Just 4 Hours A Week


You can add the Continual Customer Model to all of your current sales and marketing in just 4 hours a week and get stunning results. We give you a master strategy that pulls everything that you are doing into a cohesive profit generating machine.




We have been developing and perfecting this model that is now being used by companies all around the world. We help develop the processes and systems that make it work and then help our clients implement them. We also use these same systems in all of our own business lines as well. Unlike many Marketing Consultants out there, we actually use our own systems and make sure they work before having our clients try them. So we are out in the reals world and constantly making adjustments to insure that our clients get the best results possible.




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