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We Even Build YOUR site and systems and connect and manage everything for you and provide world class hosting and SEO services.
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iQtheme Offers Done For Your Sites That Bring Out Your Inner Genius And Brings In Profits!

FRESH HOT Professional Websites, Sales Pages, Lead Pages, And Membership Sites Served Up For You!

” These days if you Website does not look good, neither will your bottom line ”
-Andrew Anderson of

iQtheme makes everyone look like a professional web developer and online marking genius that gives you great looking Websites, Sales, Landing Pages, and Membership Sites that can be up and running in 30 Minutes or often times a lot less. It will make your online business look great and your potential customers feel like you know what you are doing so they will fee comfortable buying from you.

You now have the tool with iQtheme that can do exactly that!

Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression with visitors to your Website.  How your Website looks directly impacts your sales period.

iQtheme takes the hassle and the hair pulling out of maintaining and updating your Website, Sales Pages, and Membership Areas. We built this tool because we got tired of all of the themes and tools out there that promised the world and barely delivered a shovel full of… let us say dirt instead.




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Bet you have seen one of these before!

iQtheme allows you to put in email optins like this one anywhere on your site.


Find Out Why iQtheme Is Being Called
The Most Powerful Online Marketing Tool You Can Use


iQtheme can mimic the look and feel of virtually any site out there, or create unique Websites of your own design. It is the first generation of a truly Chameleon WordPress theme out there.  Plus it can re-create any sales page you have ever seen usually in just minutes.


Membership Sites And Continuity Programs Built With Ease

For those businesses that are on the cutting edge of profitability, you can use it to create stunning and sticky Membership Sites and Continuity Programs that will keep your customers paying you month after month.  When used in conjunction with Membership Platform you can easily integrate membership and continuity programs, as well as make one time sales using PayPal, Stripe, and JVZoo.

paypal_and cards_logoStripe_logo



 Coming In….




 And yes, you can put up cool countdown timers just like this one in seconds!

This is just one example of a page built with iQtheme  Look for more in the coming weeks!


Sections Like This Give You The Power To Build Everything!


iQtheme Sections

Because all good sites are built in pieces, iQtheme allows you to build out a section and arrange them any way you want. You can place them in any order and use them over and over again anywhere on your site.  A section can contain any type of content you want from text, to pictures, videos, forms, and audio.

The Power To Add Custom Features At
The Touch Of A Button

bbPress Logo
Forums, Made The
WordPress Way

bbPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress. Easily setup discussion forums inside your powered site.

iQtheme makes forums easy to set up and customize!

Put together your own community and never have to depend on other Social Media that can kick you out for any reason on a whim and cost your company business and connections with your clients.


Membership Sites And Continuity Programs Are Now A Snap

Because iQtheme fully integrates with Membership Platform. You can set up your Membership Site or your Continuity Program with easy.

With Membership Platform, you can set up free or reduced fee trials, drip content, have an unlimited number of members and membership levels.

With iQtheme and Membership Platform you won’t struggle with your Membership Site ever again.


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