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Thanks for stopping by iQtheme’s  “Help A Single Mom And Dad Entrepreneur Program”.  This program was put together to help Single Mothers and Single Fathers that are raising children that want to build a better future for themselves and their kids by building their own profitable online business.  Instead of talking about helping make the world a better place, we want to actually do something to make that happen right now.

It is our firm belief that Single Moms and Dad’s that are raising children do not want or need another hand-out, they only need a hand-up to help get them started on creating their own profitable business.  By giving her the tools to run their online business with a professional looking site that is mobile friendly, a membership area where they can grow the customer base, along with training on how to use these tools, we think we can make a difference by helping one small, but very important family at a time.

We think that a child watching their Mom or Dad working hard building a better life for them sets the possible best example they could ever have.

If you are hard working, ambitious Single Mom or Dad that has or is starting their own business, or know of one, please use the form below to tell us why you or they qualify for one of these packages.

We would like to do at least one or more each and every month.

Also, if you have a skill set or product or service or coaching that can help our budding single parents new business and you would like to donate and help out, please contact us.  Please use the form below to let us know how you can help. We will also post your information here as well because we feel what goes around, comes around in a good way.

We want to help make the world a better place one family at a time.

 This offer void wherever helping people is prohibited by law.