What Is Included In The Package For The Single Mom Or Dad?

The winners will receive all of the following.  They may also get other things depending on what other professionals donate.

  1. We will build out a professional WordPress mobile friendly site for their business.
  2. We will give them free hosting for a year.
  3. We will set up a membership area for them if needed.
  4. Membership Training.
  5. They get access to our best coaching.
  6. We will help train them on the use of their site.
  7. We will help give them Marketing and Sales training.
  8. We will help them with SEO.
  9. We will help them with Social Media Marketing.
  10. We will help them with Product Development.

 Why Are You Doing This?

Perhaps the better question is why not?  Our basic philosophy is the only true way to help make the world a better place is to give individuals the ability to take care of themselves and their family.  Hand-outs do nothing toward making people responsible and self-reliant. In fact they only make things worse, not better.

Hand-outs without a true Hand-up only creates more of an entitlement society and unfortunately it also robs people of their dignity.  It has been shown time and time again when individuals build something for the betterment of themselves and their families and they get to keep it, that society as a whole also grows and prospers in direct proportion to this happening.

You one need look at places where individuals can’t do this to see the disastrous results.

 How Long Is The Application Process Open For?

We are looking to do one of these per month and more as we have more resources.  We are looking at who will make the most out of all of the time, effort and money that we are going to be putting into them. Our return on investment will be measured on their success.

 What Is This Worth?

Well we just saw a membership training package that was selling for $2,000 that after reviewing the content was not even 1/5th as comprehensive as ours.  Typically our sites start at a few hundred dollars and run well past $30,000.  However I doubt we will get that high mind you.  But if pressed with everything that we are going to offer including the coaching that we charge $500 a month for, I would put each package’s value right around $8,000 give or take a few thousand.

However, if they keep going and end up with a business that is capable of taking care of them and their families, as far as we are concerned, that is priceless.

+I Have A Product/Service/Coaching That I Would Like To Donate. How Can I Help?

Just use the form below and tell us what you have. Make sure you include a good description and a phone number, along with the best time to contact you.